Photography Tips – Rule of Thirds

Photography Tips – Composition is a very big part of how well a photo is received.  There is more to a photo then just placing the subject in the middle of the frame.  One of the easiest rules for composition is ‘The Rule of Thirds’.  Below are two videos that will show you how and why this rule is effective.

by James Beltz

This short film covers the Rule Of Thirds – one of the easiest ways to make a big difference to your photo composition. Divide the viewfinder with two imaginary vertical and horizontal lines so it’s now in thirds.
By placing points of interest along these lines or where they meet your composition will often be improved. Some cameras have a rule of thirds display grid which you can switch on in the camera menu so you don’t have to imagine.
Look out for the rule of thirds when you’re watching TV, reading a magazine or at the movies – you might be surprised how often it’s used.
by Mike Browne

Rule of Thirds by Nikon